Manning School of Business News and Highlights

Internationalizing the Learning and Teaching Experience

Acadia University’s Fred C. Manning School of Business Administration has established a mutually beneficial relationship with the School of Management of Capital Normal University in Beijing, China. Capital Normal University (CNU) is a so-called key university founded by the municipal government of Beijing. Since 2011, research, class auditing, and teaching exchanges have taken place between Capital Normal and Acadia University on an annual basis.

Unique International Students Exchange Agreement

(L-R) Drs. Jun Yang, Roger Wehrell, Jingyuan Jiang, and Michael Sheppard

The exchange relationship allows for students from CNU to study at Acadia. Students from CNU are able to spend either one or two years in Wolfville, while gaining the proper credits once the exchange is completed. This differs from most exchange programs that simply offer a pass or fail grade for courses taken overseas, courses which may not contribute to a specific degree.

Zihao Wang, currently on exchange to Acadia from CNU, discovered an important feature of Acadia for which it is renowned: Small teacher-student ratio that enables personalized teaching by faculty and timely assistance by staff. Whenever I need help, I can find the responsible person in a very short time. Everybody is willing to help you.

Excellent Students

This Fall six CNU students started their two-year exchange program at the F.C. Manning School of Business. Currently, the Beijing municipal government funds the students’ exchange program. Dr. Jun Yang, a finance professor at the School, has guided this relationship for Acadia University and hopes that the Beijing municipal government will continue to fund this important opportunity. The exchange program has enabled Acadia to thrive in terms of having excellent students study at our school, learn from us, but also teach us something that we may not have known, Dr. Yang said. Acadia University faculty members are likewise able to study, teach, and learn in China. Overall, establishing relationships with schools like this across the globe benefits both universities.

About the Manning School

Founded in 1957, the Manning School at Acadia University is home to over 600 students from over 20 countries. With 23 faculty members from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, the Manning School offers small classes that encourage concentrated interaction between students and faculty. Our students have opportunities to learn outside the classroom through co-op placements, projects with local enterprises, and international exchanges. Firmly rooted in a rich institutional legacy that personifies the very essence of a liberal education, the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at Acadia is challenging and flexible, allowing students to explore a broad range of interests and producing well-rounded graduates who are well-positioned to pursue varied professional opportunities. Our graduates work in leadership roles across Canada and around the globe, with many having made their Acadia BBA degree a pathway to prestigious graduate programs.