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Winners of the fifth annual Darkside Video Case Competition
(L-R) Gabriel Bagnell, Taylor Hachey, Lier Ye, Ella Murphy, and Jack Hill

The fifth annual Darkside Video Case Competition was won by Organizational Behaviour students Gabriel Bagnell, Taylor Hachey, Jack Hill, Ella Murphy, and Lier Ye. Their team offered a provocative examination of the ethics of the globalized trade in coffee, cacao, and fruit, particularly through the lens of poverty, human trafficking, violence against children and indigenous people. The winning team’s topic, one judge said, was very original and was able to link multiple…organizational behaviour concepts together in a unique way. The breakdown of the concepts into different cases helped add strength to their argument, creating a video that was both interesting and informative. Cases from the darkside of business include the adverse effect on workers in poorly managed organizations, assaults on the environment and the vulnerable, as well as the questionable ethical behaviour of corporate executives. Professors Paul Callaghan and Kendra Carmichael, along with fourth-year honours student Maya Basa, were this year’s judges. The competition is organized by Dr. Kelly Dye and Dr. Jim Grant.

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