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Tiffany James wins Nicol Entrepreneurial Award Competition

Fourth-year BBA student Tiffany James has won the Nicol Entrepreneurial Award Competition. She presented her business plan for her project, Halifax Hair Extensions, to a panel of judges representing industry, government, and post-secondary education. The competition, sponsored by Ottawa entrepreneur Wes Nicol, is designed to interest students in entrepreneurship and to help them develop skills that will assist them as entrepreneurs. Stepping off the podium of the Nicol win, Tiffany went directly into the Pitch 101 Competition where she pitched her business plan in 60 seconds and took first place there, too. Not bad for a day’s work. How does she account for her superlative performance? It might be that she understands all the aspects of her business because she has done everything herself—the very definition of an entrepreneur. A lot of people know how to make a business plan and they can make it a successful business model, but it’s not a business for them. They would not have designed it for themselves.

Tiffany transferred into Acadia’s BBA degree program because Acadia’s business program was more flexible; it allowed me to gain more experience. Once I understood the purpose and theory of the terminology, and the real-world applications, I then could go back into the classroom setting where it all made sense. She augmented her BBA program with directed study that gave her enhanced skills in planning, marketing, and strategy, singling out the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre, specifically Lisa Lowthers, for assistance in extracurricular workshops, summer employment, and consultation. The Entrepreneurship Centre was crucial in my professional development as an entrepreneur, Tiffany says. She will come back to Breakthrough Athletics, the not-for-profit she founded that matches varsity athletes with children in need of mentors, after she has established her for-profit businesses. In the meantime, BA has a new model that allows it to be self-sustaining. Self-sustaining describes Tiffany James’s focus and perseverance. There can be no doubt that she will continue to develop her business acumen and business success based upon her success at Acadia University.

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