F.C. Manning Faculty
and Staff

Terrance Weatherbee
Area: Management
  (902) 585-1893
  • BSc (Dalhousie)
  • PMSC (Kingston)
  • MBA (Saint Mary’s)
  • PCSC (Toronto)
  • MDS (Royal Military College)
  • PhD (Saint Mary’s)
Research Interests
Research focusing on the negative impacts of technology use in organizations, such as cyberaggression, or aggression in email and what can be done to eliminate or reduce this type of negative behavior in organizations. Research on the historiography of management thought, its evolution over time, and its relationship with the modern business school. A third area of research, is centered on the textbook, its role, place and use in the modern classroom, in light of technological changes, such as access to management information on the World Wide Web.

Terrance shifted careers to become a university teacher after twenty years in the private and public sectors. Terrance has substantial experience as a leader and training specialist at both middle and senior management levels. Before returning to university to complete his doctorate he was the chief executive officer for an organization with over two-hundred personnel recognized both regionally and nationally as a top performer. His formal training and experience includes the art of leadership and management, strategic change and training and development, and human resource and performance management.

His two decades of experience with the adoption and use of modern technologies within organizational settings has led him to study the sometimes unexpected and negative impacts that technology has on people and processes found within them; with a focus on the research of aggression in email, which is recognized internationally as groundbreaking.