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Dr. Jun Yang
Dr. Jun Yang
Professor of Finance
Professor of Finance
Contact Information:
Jun Yang
Professor - Finance
F.C. Manning Chair in Business Administration
  (902) 585-1791
  • BSc (Tianjin)
  • MSc (Tianjin)
  • PhD (Queen’s)
Research Interests
Asset Pricing, Incentive Contract, Risk Management, Corporate Finance

Dr. Jun Yang joined F.C. Manning School of Business Administration in 2005. He received his Ph.D. in Finance from Queen’s School of Business. He earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees in System Engineering from Tianjin University, China.

Dr. Yang currently teaches Fundamentals of Finance 1&2, Portfolio Management, and Derivative Securities & Risk Management. In his senior elective courses, students learn fundamentals of financial derivatives and the techniques for managing a diversified portfolio. Students apply their knowledge in close-to-real-business group projects.

Dr. Yang conducts research on a wide range of financial topics, both theoretical and empirical. His research papers have been published in a number of academic journals and presented in various international conferences