F.C. Manning Faculty
and Staff

Ian Feltmate
Assistant Professor
Area: Accounting
  (902) 585-1209
  • BBA (Acadia)
  • MBA (Dalhousie)
  • CPA, CGA
Research Interests
Measuring the cost effectiveness of alternative forms of health care

Ian Feltmate is one of the longest serving faculty members of the Manning School of Business. Now in his twentieth year, Ian has championed the use of technology in the classroom throughout his educational career. In 2004, he was the co-recipient of First Prize in the Canadian Academic Accounting Association's annual Innovative Teaching Competition. The prize was awarded for the World Baseball League, a management game developed by Ian where teams of students manage professional baseball teams and compete against one another for financial supremacy. In 1999, Ian received the Outstanding Teaching Award for Acadia's Faculty of Professional Studies. Ian's ongoing research interests lie in the area of measuring the cost effectiveness of alternative forms of health care.