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Danielle Mercer
Assistant Professor
Area: Management
  (902) 585-1689
  • BComm (Co-op) (Memorial)
  • MBA (Memorial)
  • PhD (Saint Mary’s)
  • Mercer, D., Loughlin, C., & Haddon, A. (2018). Defying traditional leadership: Paramedics leading on the front lines of patient care. Healthcare Management Review, 43(1), 12-20. [ABDC Journal Quality Ranking: A]
  • Mercer, D., Russell, E., & Arnold, K. (2014). Flexible working arrangements in healthcare: A comparison between managers of shift- workers and 9-to-5 employees. Journal of Nursing Administration, 44(7/8), 411-416.
  • Mercer, D., Loughlin, C., & Arnold, K.A. (2018). Group level androgyny: One way for boards of directors to navigate the paradoxes in complex decision-making? In L.E. Devnew, R.J. Burke, M. Janzen Le Ber, & M. Torchia (Eds.), More Women on Boards: An International Perspective. International Leadership Association & Information Age Publishing Inc.
  • Loughlin, C., & Mercer, D. (2014). Designing healthy workplaces. In A. Day, E. K. Kelloway, J.J. & Hurrel Jr. (Eds.), Workplace well-being: How to build psychologically healthy workplaces (299-323). West Sussex: Wiley.
Research Interests
Gender, leadership, & workplace well-being