Leslie Lewis (’10), Senior Associate at Onex

BBA Honours Theses

Hilary Archer (’09), Lead Graphic Designer at Paul Smith
  • Maya-Frances R. Baša, A critique of the knowledge base of organizational studies in business education. (Supervisor: Terrance Weatherbee)
  • Kerri-Anne Rachel McFarland, A critique of the knowledge base of organizational studies in business education. (Supervisor: Terrance Weatherbee)
  • Sheldon McDonald, The Impact of Cash Holdings on Corporate Efficiency. (Supervisor: Stephen MacLean)
  • Stephanie E. Morton, An exploratory study of the effects of information and computing technologies on the practice of law. (Supervisor: Terrance Weatherbee)
  • Jason Gauthier, Exploring a dilemma in the feminisms: unions’ effects on the sexes’ desires for promotion. (Supervisor: Kelly Dye)
  • Gareth Rafuse, An exploratory study of bring your own devices (BYODs) & their relationship with the phenomena of technostress & presenteeism. (Supervisor: Terrance Weatherbee)
  • Jessica Bowlby, Recruitment and retention: Canadian Pony Club. (Supervisor: Donna Sears)
  • Elizabeth Desjardins, Justice Frank Iacobucci on principles of fairness in employment law. (Supervisor: Jim Grant)
  • Kazi Kashfia Rahman, Barriers to entrepreneurship in Bangladesh: an exploratory study of causes and solutions. (Supervisor: Michael Sheppard)
  • Shannon M. Thompson, An exploratory study of how individuals perceive aggression in e-mail. (Supervisor: Terrance Weatherbee)
  • Oksana Kovalenko, Doing good better: applying principles of adult learning and entrepreneurship education to business development services. (Supervisor: Kelly Dye)
  • Matthew Ryan Balsor, An exploratory study of e-mail and performance feedback in organizations: constructing a preliminary theoretical framework of e-feedback. (Supervisor: Terrance Weatherbee)
  • Leslie Lewis, To explore women’s career progression experiences and decisions in light of the persistence of a wage gap in academic ranks. (Supervisor: Jim Grant)
  • Hilary E. Archer, Involvement and the innovative communicator : an exploratory study of fashion apparel. (Supervisor: Scott Follows, Harish Kapoor)
  • Alastair William Blakeway Collier, Placemaking: The elements and relations of space, time and activity. (Supervisor: Terrance Weatherbee)
  • Rakesh G. Gupta, An Examination of Family Businesses in the Kentville, New Minas and Wolfville Regions of NS, Canada, In Regards to Definition, Success Criteria, and Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages. (Supervisor: Roger Wehrell)
  • Ashley McGill, Martha Stewart: Was justice served?. (Supervisor: Edith Callaghan)
  • Jillian Isabel Pringle, Interactions between female lawyers and clients in a rural setting.. (Supervisor: Kelly Dye)
  • Amanda Bella, Internationalization and intra-organizational sensemaking at Acadia University. (Supervisor: Ian Hutchinson)
  • Christopher D. Ferguson, The effects of competitive cueing on brand extension evaluation. (Supervisor: Harish Kapoor)
  • Karlee E. Bedford, Adapting international advertisements to the Chinese market. (Supervisor: Stephen Ash)
  • Kristina King, A grounded theory approach to understanding gender differences in the experiences of members of boards of directors. (Supervisor: Kelly Dye)
  • William David Rankin, Biases in post-merger mutual fund performance in the realm of ecommerce specialty funds. (Supervisor: Jun Yang)
  • Matthew J. Gray, The impact receipt of a sample of contact lens solution has on the final purchase decision of consumers. (Supervisor: Kent Groves)
  • Paul Jr. Frazier, Proactive regulation: the registration of hedge fund Advisers. (Supervisor: Brian VanBlarcom)
  • Doug Schipilow, Salary arbitration in the National Hockey League. (Supervisor: Brian VanBlarcom)
  • Oladoyin Olawaiye, Sustainable water resources management in the agricultural sector of a developing country: essential to economic development. (Supervisor: John Janmaat, Hassouna Moussa)
  • Jennifer M. Frame, The effects of American direct to consumer advertising on the prescribing behaviour of Nova Scotian family physicians. (Supervisor: Kent Groves)
  • Linda Yip, Overview of the Kyoto Protocol: policy & response from Canada & industry. (Supervisor: Edith Callaghan)
  • Robert J. M. Jeffery, Economic regulatory theory and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. (Supervisor: Ian Hutchinson)
  • Erimel Treva Franklin, Gendering of Air Canada’s culture: annual reports & visual images. (Supervisor: Jean Helms-Mills)
  • Suzanne Richards, The use of trade dress in over the counter drug products and its impact on product selection. (Supervisor: Kent Groves)
  • Tyson Birchall, A comparison of electricity industry deregulation in Alberta and Texas. (Supervisor: John Churchill)
  • Xinhua Li, Learning style research in accounting: a literature review and preliminary investigation of the Felder-Soloman index of learning styles. (Supervisor: Ian Feltmate)
  • Christopher R. Graham, Non-professional investors’ reliability assessments of pro forma earnings information. (Supervisor: Ian Hutchinson)
  • Koblavi Aklasu Kizito Fiagbedzi, After the implementation of affirmative action programs: a study of the economic status of Blacks from 1961-2003. (Supervisor: Don Wright)
  • Tomlinson A. Bynoe, The impact of globalisation and trade liberation on a small island economy : the case of Barbados. (Supervisor: Maurice Tugwell)
  • Petr V. Volkov, Measurement and valuation of intellectual capital in knowledge-intense organizations. (Supervisor: Shelley MacDougall)
  • Ernest A. Buist, Hedge funds: strategies and their application to institutional portfolio management. (Supervisor: John Churchill)
  • Colleen E. Arsenault, The impact of crisis context on corporate performance. (Supervisor: Conor Vibert)
  • Anne Flynn, Socialization: business strategy/policy’s effect on attitude change. (Supervisor: Deborah Hurst)
  • Phillippa A. Ferguson, Moving forward to integration or backward to ruination: a look at the economic, political & social changes of free trade on the Bahamas. (Supervisor: John Davies)