Adrian Saturley (’10), Portfolio Manager & Chief Compliance Officer, Turnpointe Wealth Management

BBA with Major in Finance

NOTE: Students who wish to choose a major would normally declare their major during their second year.

Program Requirements

Required business courses for BBA majors
45 Hours
Required non-business courses for BBA majors
15 Hours

NOTE: MATH 1013 may be taken instead of MATH 1613

Required finance & related courses
12 Hours

NOTE: ECON 2623 may be taken instead of BUSI 3073

Business electives chosen from the following
12 Hours
  • BUSI 4233 Financial Analysis & Policy
  • BUSI 4243 Derivative Securities & Risk Mgmt
  • BUSI 4253 Project & Enterprise Valuation
Economics electives chosen from the following
6 Hours
  • ECON 2113 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory 1
  • ECON 2623 Empirical Analysis in Econ & Busi 2

NOTE: ECON 3913 may be substituted for ECON 2113. ECON 2623 satisfies one of the requirements of this category only if not taken to satisfy one of the requirements for “Required finance & related courses.”

Non-business electives
24 Hours

Students select 24 hours of non-business electives

University electives (business or non-business courses)
6 Hours

For those in the second-year Core program, BUSI 2993 is required and requirements in this category are only 3 hours.